CES 2010: OLED Art Looks Uber-chic

If you were looking for technological art, there are many places where you could find them. One such place is the CES 2010, where you would find not just gadgets and appliances, but also art that is related to technology. An unnamed Japanese company has used OLED displays to create art work that could act as fashionable interior decor for your house or your office.

There are displays that feature beautiful water world, and also flowers that come with OLED screens which reveal a completely different life form in them. There is also a series of OLED panels which when all lined up, form a great art work that appears as something else in different angles. Of course, this kind of art does not come cheap and could cost almost $100,000 for the first piece.

The flowers and other products would cost about $100, which is quite cheap. If we wait for another hundred years, this technology inspired art could be seen in a futuristic museum. Now we all may feel that this is too futuristic for us, but the truth is, even the paintings of artists like Pablo Picasso were way too modern for that time.

Via: Gizmodo

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