Unfinished 2010 Ferrari Enzo Prototype for $800,000

Not always can money buy the best in the world. Take for example the 2010 Ferrari Enzo prototype. It was designed by Dimitris Papanagnou from Greece who has quoted a price of $800,000 on eBay. The car is not finished yet, and it comes with an assortment of features that failed to inspire many bloggers who write about the auto industry. The unfinished car comes with Audi-sourced 3.7-liter V8 engine, an all-wheel drive system and carbon fibre body.

It is not exactly impressive even and for these features I can’t believe someone would n ad quoting nearly a million dollars! While he quotes $800,000, the 2003 Ferrari Enzo costs $998,000 and it is the real deal too! When you can buy the real Enzo for a little more money, why would you spend so much of money on a prototype?

Though this article could be read for its humorous value, it should also be a caution to most people who are willing to spend money, and to those who end up spending money on things that are crazy people’s creations. While the Greek may not be intending to mislead, it certainly hurts people when they read ads that are misleading.

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