Sense: How Would You Like to Taste, Feel and Smell What You Browse?

There was a time when our ancestors got surprised when they could hear voice on the radio. Still surprised were they, when the T appeared and they could see pictures and video on it. After the Internet has been launched, the vision and the audio perceptions have been the mainstay of communication even though they were achieved with the TV and the Radio.

Here is a unique concept which aims to turn the Internet into a complete sensual space. You could touch, smell, taste, see and hear whatever you are browsing, apparently. It comes with a scented flavour strip and also recreates the temperature, softness, hardness and pressure which lets you feel what you are browsing as well.

It has been dubbed “Sense”. It is an interesting concept but how often would you want to taste something that you don’t want? For example, if you are reading about sewer treatment plans, you would neither want to touch it, smell it or taste it come what may. I would say, this concept sounds fun, but may not eb as applicable as we might think in the real life.

Via: Gizmodo
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