Keystick’s None Bacteria Project Unveils Folding Fan Keyboard

If you thought your fingers were dirty and they left bacteria on your keyboard which would in turn infect you back, you should try the Keystick. Apparently it is a part of Keystick’s None Bacteria Project. It is aimed at cutting down infections and allows a safer and cleaner environment. It would also double up as a Folding Fan and has been designed by Yoonsang Kim and Eunsung Park. It comes in many different colours and you could carry it with you, while taking out of the bag when you feel hot only to fan yourself.

If suddenly you feel the need to type stuff, you could always use it for that purpose as well. However, there is no information about to which devices the keyboard can be connected and how it works. I would say, this design is an example of proper humbug. Such nonsensical designs have continued to plague the design world.


I cannot understand why a keyboard needs to work as a fan, and even if that is a plausible scenario, why would you need the keyboard to protect you against the bacteria! It seems like too many irrelevant ideas are muddled together to form the weird Folding Fan. h yeah, you could use it with your iPhone.

Via: Yanko Design

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