Iron Samurai from Chinavasion: A Questionable Christmas Gift

If you ever hated someone a lot and wanted a gift that looked real expensive, here is the cool looking Iron Samurai Watch from Chinavasion. It costs just $15, and is of very bad quality. It is not even waterproof and that tells you a lot about the materials that were used to manufacture the watch.

It is apparently made from Samurai sword carbonized steel folded 1000x over. It looks so expensive that people might think you are giving away an awesome LED enabled rocking bracelet that is also a watch. The truth is, it is all that but only of severely bad quality. If you hate someone, or dislike the person enough to not give much, you could give this watch.

Initially it would look great but when realization dawns upon the person, he or she would realize that the gift was not such an awesome one after all! Christmas gifts can be annoyingly irritating and thus, you should go ahead and plan well in advance to make sure you buy the right gift. If you do not plan, you could always give all the krap you ever wanted, to the person you do not like or to the person you hate.

Via: Oh Gizmo

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  • It’s obviously not made from “samurai sword carbonized steel,” but is it really so bad it’s not even waterproof? That’s pretty terrible. It looks nice in the photos at least.

  • I need some buyers feedback.. there alot of fake iron samurai watchs now.. what is the difference between a real one and a fake? and how do i tell if im buying it online? i dont want to be paying a large sum of money for the fake. Is it really made out of carbonized steel? i doubt .

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