Castoven: A Microwave Oven that Plays YouTube Videos

There have been many expensive gadgets which serve really no great purpose. One such is the cool-looking Castoven, which is a highly dramatized and mystified microwave oven which lets you watch YouTube videos while heating food. It was developed by 2 researchers from Keio University.

It is a conventional microwave but with a 10.4 inch LCD screen, which lets you watch YouTube videos. The Microwave also comes with speakers and it can be connected to Mac and perhaps to a Windows computer as well. The idea is to keep you entertained when the food gets cooked. If the food needs 3:30 minutes to be ready, it pulls a video from YouTube of that duration and it plays till the food gets cooked.

Sounds like a really lame thing to me, and moreover, if you stood in front of the microwave watching videos every time you wanted food heated or cooked, you might develop serious fertility-related issues. It is not available for sale yet, but I doubt it would be a great success anyway. It is strange that researchers from one of the best Universities in Japan had to think of such a lame idea for their paper.

Via: Crunch Gear

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