Smartbook AG Unveils Swarovski Studded Zenid GC Crystal

Smartbook AG is one of the more controversial companies that were in news recently for infringement issues. They have now diverted the attention from it by launched a cool new and gaudy Swarovski studded smart book. Zenid GC Crystal is comes with 10.2-inch WXGA LED screen, 1.6GHz Intel Atom N280, 2GB DDR2 RAM, WiFi, and other features.

However, what makes it different is the fact that it comes with hundreds of Swarovski crystals which makes it really lavish. It costs about $3000 and is one of the more expensive netbooks which come with this kind of specification. I would not exactly buy it because it not only has few specs, but does not look very great either.

It is too gaudy for my taste and you could impress someone in underdeveloped countries with a gadget like this and not someone who is well versed with style and fashion. I would say, use your money on something better than this, for it is a great waste of money. I would have loved to shop for great computer machines for that kind of money, instead of something frivolous like this.

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