The World’s Most Expensive Sea Food Platter for £2500

Much as I dislike seafood, most people swear by the aromas and tastes of various sea creatures. Most coastal regions have a tradition of consuming seafood in abundance and even inland people consume fish and other animals if there is a river nearby.

In fact some people are so crazy about seafood that they travel thousands of miles to taste exotic fish and crustaceans. Now, if you are ready to spend £2500, you would be able to savour the world’s most expensive seafood hamper. The Caviar and Crustacean Atomic Hamper can feed a party of 30 people and each person’s platter would cost £70.

You could order this just in time for Christmas and I am sure only seafood lovers would want to spend money like this. 16 inch long giant Siberian crab legs, extra large crab claws from Chile, freshly cooked native UK lobster, prawns from Madagascar, 750g of Sevruga caviar and other delicious seafood make the hamper a truly memorable one. The hamper is being sold by the Fish Society and is a great solution for those who like seafood and hate turkeys. I would rather consume pork and beef.


Via: Lussorian


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