Finger Touching Concept Phone: Shuffle between your knuckles!

Somewhere in the future it is almost certain that humans will get bionic and will have all sort of weird stuff embedded into them both out of necessity and just for the heck of it. Looking cool will take a whole new meaning then, but till the getting a glittering new finger that can control your world is the in-thing, the Finger Touching Concept phones lets you play with the bionic idea. You need not get the Finger Touching phone implanted into your skin as it can just be strapped on to your wrist and from then on you can ‘talk to the hand!’

The phone uses a digital hologram that projects the keypad onto your fingers and uses the knuckles as separators. So the next time you need to text, you better be pretty good with shuffling between the knuckles. Once you place a call then just hold the phone to your head in the well known ‘call me’ style and you are good to go.

Now if you could only turn the strap into an uber-cool glove that comes loaded with laser beams which can cut through anything… When you are building castles in air, why not make them spectacular (and Star Wars –styled)

finger touching1

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