Tiny EV by Peugeot is Apparently Chic

There are many things in life that I do not like. One of those is the tiny car. A car is supposed to look like a car and not a toy. Not only do small cars turn me off, but they annoy me to the car. Many people share my views as well. However, the large majority seems to think that they look cute and attractive and Peugeot seems to be thinking on those lines as well.

They have launched their new electric car dubbed the BB1 which can seat 4 people if they are all shoved inside. It is apparently half way between a car and a scooter. The BB1 is an electric car that runs on green fuel apparently. While all that sounds nice I would have just wished to see a car that comes with enough space for your 3 other friends while you drive.

At least, the backseat must have enough space to get naughty if you went out with your man. Shouldn’t it? There is no information about its price or availability but I am sure such small cars would soon enter the market to depress me further. Of well, this car is on the luxury blog because most people would think this is chic, and also EVs are usually damn expensive.

Via: Uber Gizmo

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