Material Lust Unveils Sinful Candles that Wallow in Twisted Desires

There are people who follow religion according to the book. Then there are people like me who break every rule in the book. In fact, I am such a sinner that I have all the 7 deadly sins equally imprinted on my forehead. And boy, am I proud of that! Here are some cool candles which look extremely chic and would set the scene for some steamy love making with your date when you ask him upstairs for some well, coffee, you know!

Material Lust has launched the I Worship Thee.. Candle set which have religious undertones and especially undertones that seem to regale and wallow in sinful joys that are forbidden by religion and the book. The Curious, The Celebrity, The Saviour and The Greedy are the candles that are available in this series. Each of these candles comes with amazing caricatures and also a quote that cynically questions religious themes.

My favourite is The Curious candle, which makes me curious as a cat. The caricature features a lucky one fellating a mysterious being “out of curiosity” perhaps. It even thanks the holy mother for making lust, temptation and sex a sin and for making these things dirty. This is because only dirty things rouse our curiosity. And such dirty things help us remain kinky and burn these candles of lust, curiosity and all the delicious sins.



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