Corvette Car Desk and Bar for Car Lovers

Would you love cars so much that you want everything around you looking like Corvette cars? We have heard of furniture styled after soccer, automobiles, and sometimes fashioned out of airplane parts too. But CarCrazyDesks decided to bring in some out of the box workstations that would add zing to your otherwise boring looking workspace.

It has a BBQ Vette C5 barbeque grill too, besides a liquor cabinet that is refrigerated, liquor bar and a billiards table to help pep up your party scene at the office.

The superbly designed C5 Corvette Desk has the showstopper feel, for its bells and whistles, work lights, tail light lens of superior quality, handmade billet aluminium engraved knobs and high grade wood design that is custom made with your choice of wood. The glass which can be etched with your company logo is a signature ownership piece.

All the same, the pricing goes hand in glove with the quality too. You need to shell out not less than $ 1,400 to start with, for a steel frame design. The refrigerated liquor cabinet you can take home for $ 2,100. The desk will cost you $ 1,900. So go satiate the car lover in you.

Via: CarCrazyDesks
Corvette Furniture

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