Orogourmet Unveils Edible Golden Sheets and Salt

Christmas is fast approaching and it is time to get ready for those lavish parties. Now talking about lavishness, the word can be done justice without bring gold, silver and other precious metal into picture. Thus, Orogourmet is offering edible gold and silver sheets and also gold and silver salt.

You could use this to decorate your champagne by adding golden dust. If you have desserts, why not decorate it with some golden sheets which could be eaten along with your sweets? You could also ad golden sheets and gold dust to chocolates. If this does not get your mouth watering, I can’t really decide what actually might. Gold also is known to be good for health if consumed in small quantities.


There also was this urban legend that expensive concubines in Paris used to drink their wine with diamonds in their glasses. Since you may not be able to drink wine with diamonds in your glasses, you could at leas try to drink your champagne with gold in your glass. These and many more ideas could be combined to make your Christmas party a huge success.


Via: Embelezzia

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