Fall Winter Collection of Lee Europe is Dominated by Gloss and Shine

The Fall Winter collection of Lee Europe is dominated by glossy laminated jackets and polished denims. The Knox Scooper polished denim deep polished regular jeans look amazingly chic and the way they accentuate the models lea legs is really something to notice.

This is further complimented by the AL Jacket Tyvek Pearl lamination in black colour. The presence of many zips and the importance given to gloss suggests that shiny stuff is back in vogue for men in Europe. If you are not interested in shiny jackets, you could try the old western style with checked shirts and low slung blue jeans which are classics nevertheless.

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Lee understands that Europeans tend to be more fashion conscious than the Americans and that is perhaps why there is a stress on gloss and shine among European designs. Lee is one of the more popular brands in Eastern Europe than in the more affluent Western Europe. Lee also has separate collections in Asia Pacific, North America and elsewhere. You could try and purchase them from any of their flagship stores across the world. So go ahead and live your Lee dream.
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