Art Deco Influenced Yacht Anjilis Looks Great

The market seems to be really improving considering all the cool new yachts being announced. Here is one such luxury yacht called the Anjilis which is the result of collaboration between Glade Johnson and Trinity Yards. The yacht comes with Art Deco influence and because of such artistic influences, the yacht ends up looking a tad too luxurious.

Even the furniture within the yacht has been carefully chosen and thanks to all the exotic wood used, the yacht ends up being a really high quality floating machine. The yacht can manage a speed of 16 knots and since it is built in aluminium and ABS, it matches world class shipping standards. At $37.85 million, it is one of the most expensive yachts I have come across.


I especially like the opulent lighting and sleek interiors which make the yacht look really luxurious. There is nothing better than a cruise along the Mediterranean aboard this yacht, if you are looking for a great way to spend your holidays. Imagine dancing on the deck with your loved one, while the waves gently caress this luxurious yacht! That is life!

Via: Deluxe Blog

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