Pantech Sky DuPont IM-U510LE: A Luxurious Phone by Pantech and S.T. Dupont

We have just discovered that S.T. DuPont, a French company is making a new handset called “Pantech Sky DuPont IM-U510LE” in collaboration with Pantech, South Korea’s largest handset manufacturer. The luxurious phone is inspired by DuPont’s famous lighters, which Pantech integrates as a push-up button with the same cling sound that is produced when the lighter cap opens.

The phone comes with a lot of interesting features. It has a 3-inch touch screen display, a 2G-only connectivity, GPS, a MP3 camera with 3 megapixel, Bluetooth, mobile dictionary, and gold plated edges. The features look appealing but the DuPont phone will be available only for SK Telecom network users. It is very unfair to those who really want to buy this phone. However, around 30,000 of this handset are expected to be sold.

The phone is priced at $832, which is by far the most expensive handset for Pantech. The phone is already doing well in the US, Japan and the South America markets. Only time will tell how well it is appreciated in Korea. It’s more than possible that Korean market will welcome it.

Via: Techfresh/Cnet
Pantech Sky DuPont IM-U510LE

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