Dream turns True: Now, a Desktop Size Super Computer

Ever dreamt in your wildest of dreams, that a supercomputer could be as compact as your personal computer’s processor unit? It is true. In our early years we were fed with images of computers as big as huge halls. But having a PC like super computer could be for real after all.

SGI has announced a new computer which it says is its line of personal supercomputers. Its high-performance however still means it uses just as much space as your average work station. It is fixed on a pedestal, with easy to use features and supports normal office power outlets. The Octane III as it is called, can have up to 80 high-performance cores and up to 1TB of memory. CPUs for the machine include Intel Xeon 5500 series, Dual-core Atom processors, and Xeon 3400 processors. The machine can be attached with a GP-GPU card from NVIDIA.

Would pricing be any less for a super computer of this nature! They start at $ 7,995.

Via: Slippery Brick, SGI
SGI Octane III

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