Ferrari Speakers for the Musically Inclined

Have you ever thought of integrating your F1 aspirations with the aspirations of being the diva or a pop star? Well, here is how you can combine both Ferrari and music in one place: Art.Opera, the new Ferrari speaker system which is a part of the DW Collection. The speakers are specially designed for Ferrari car lovers and those who love their music revealed by every note and thread.

The speakers come hand polished and coated with anodized aluminium. Thanks to the high-purity copper wire and high silver content, it combines the advantages of small and large sized speakers. The speakers come with original Ferrari factory painting which would turn your house into a F1 lover’s dream home.


The speakers cost $30,000 and are way too expensive for the regular customer. Of course, if you are a Ferrari fan and would like your music to sound the best, you can always go ahead and get these in order to experience a mind blowing audio performance. Go ahead and get these luxurious looking speakers all for yourselves, and you won’t regret the decision!


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