Grab a Bag, Become an Eco Warrior!

Kawamura Hideo Activity Inc is a well known designer who designs a lot of cool things. This time around, the company has designed the Eco Warrior Bag, which is quite strangely named. An Eco Warrior is a hero who fights for the survival of the environment. Unlike traditional heroes, anybody can become an Eco Hero, or an Eco Warrior.

The idea is to spread awareness about the environmental concerns and be taken to task people who are “anti-manners” like dropping cigarettes etc. You could actually hand out one of these bags to those who violate such manners and teach them a lesson or two about environment. The bags come with designs that contain warning to people who do not follow manners or environmental guidelines.


So, you could carry these bags to develop awareness about the environment and ultimately end up becoming an environment warrior. So go ahead, and get yourself loads of Eco warrior Bags this summer! I would love to get some of these bas for myself and become an Eco Warrior!


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