The New Wine Law: Content Reveals the Container

Mother Russia is depicted as a farmer woman who toils hard, and carries a sickle in her hand and a bowl of wine in the other hand. The bowl of wine symbolizes her hospitable nature towards the guests. You the party animal need not hold a bowl of wine in order to welcome your guests home but instead can get these aesthetically designed wine glasses by Naomi Theiller.

The glasses are so chic that you would not realize their speciality until you fill them with wine. The idea is to not have a container that reveals the colour of the wine, but to have a container that is revealed by the content! It is just right for an evening when snobbish people arrive in droves, only to be snubbed by an even more snobbish host.


This amazing concept brings forward the idea of wine being filled in a glass and the sandblasted design is revealed as the wine fills the glass with quaint floral designs. It would be amazingly chic if you could get these glasses before the next party! No information about the price or availability, but contact the designer!

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