Carbon Luxury Chessboard with 24 Carat Base

Designer Dominik Scheurer is known in the world of motorsports and in Formula One he is known to be a apparent ace. He has started a luxurious project based on the intricacies of carbon. Carbon Luxury consists of a chessboard and a backgammon table but right now only a chessboard has been launched. The chessboard comes with chess pieces that are made of carbon fibre and have a base in either gold or silver.

Each set comes with his signature and the costs 8,500 Euros. This could be the ultimate in the world of luxury when you can you play chess on a board made of carbon while people are actually talking about not leaving carbon footprints behind. The idea sounds very decadent to me, and if you are interested in this project you might as well go get the product whether you like it or not.


I especially like the simplicity and minimalism of the design and that is perhaps what is so alluring about this design. Go ahead and get yourself the Carbon Luxury chessboard and begin to show off!


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