Wooden Computer Workstation: Bringing together the classic and the contemporary

In a world where everything is assuming the shape of sleek and smooth metal that tends to cut down on the excess and maintains focus on the bare minimum, wood is a material that still is very much relevant and olds its own against all new comers. Marlies Romberg, a recent graduate of the Utrecht School of Arts, has decided to bring back the Victorian-styled design (though not that extensive and lavish) and integrate it with the modern digital world to create a fast paced wooden hub. The result of this unique thought and innovative design is the ‘Wooden Computer Workstation’.

Created to bring the real world and the digital world closer, the entire workstation is an artistic creation that incorporates a laser cut computer and a wooden keyboard, together with a monitor and a wooden mouse. So, are we keen on working on it and giving it a shot? Yes, Of course, but again this is more a creation with artistic values than technical precision and advancement, making the Wooden Workstation a great and inimitable centerpiece. Cool, neat and clean in its lines, Romberg seems to have integrated modern design elements into it, to create an appropriate and balanced fusion. Maybe you can take one home as well at some point… Would make a perfect gif in Beaver land!

Via: unplggd / marliesromberg

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