Live-Lite fitness aid: Keeping track of your every step

Walking is probably the best kind of exercise for anyone and everyone who intends to maintain a certain standard of fitness and with experts suggesting ‘brisk walking’ as the pathway to a healthy life, it seems only obvious that more and more people wish to know how they are doing on the ‘staying in shape’ scale. Perception Digital Limited has unveiled the perfect little gadget that will keep a track of every step you take, monitor your heart condition and its rate as you move through the day and your fitness regime and also streams your favorite music! Live-Lite is that magical little clip-on or strap-on device that will be your partner in your stride to complete health.

Tiny enough to be clipped onto a sleeve, Live-Lite provides you with extra motivation by giving you a quantitative analysis of all the basic stats and also tell you the calories you burnt thanks to an in-built 3-D motion analyzer. So even if you are not striving for great fitness, maybe you can strap one of these on each day to see how much you walked through the day, how many calories you burnt and take not of other simple stats. Making the serious business of staying well both fun and interesting, along with Facebook interface as well!

Via: perceptiondigital / prnewswire


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