Hotel Never-Everland: Sleeping in the comfort of a cabin!

If you have morbid fear of closed spaces and feel suffocated by the congestion of space, then it is obvious that the concept design of Hotel Never-Everland is not the ideal space for you to go spend a weekend. But if one happens to enjoy unusual design and a resting space that is both private and kind of wacky, then this really crazy ‘sleeping in the cabinet’ is the ideal way to explore new options. Conjured up and rendered a real shape by Design Miami / Basel, the Mini Capsule Hotel-titled Never Everland allows you the experience the craziness and warm comfort of a closed shelf.


If you happen to be a Seinfeld fan and love all those millions of obnoxious ideas of Cosmo Kramer, then the whole thought of cozying up in a wooden drawer will be nothing new. Of course, you will not be slotted in to a virtual coffin as the glass window allows you to stay in touch with the outside world. While there is not much stretching space inside, the idea, or at least a cheaper version of it finds a lot of merit for purposes such as disaster relief. For now though, it is all about a lovely holiday in a cramping space… economic, yet odd!




Via: Acriacao, Designmiami, Ateliervanlieshout, Cwgdesign


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