VirtualHUD Allows Pilots to Fly Safe

One of the dangers of flying is that you may not be able to see what is flying overhead or worse, what it is like just above you. Mr. Steele has designed the VirtualHUD which projects images from the plane’s propeller directly to you without obstructing anything. It is a simple and sophisticated bolt-on system which would be great for all prop planes.

It takes readouts from avionics package, GPS system, and thus provides the pilot with overlaying information, graphics, warning and waypoints. The HUD is readable and provides you with good images even when there is smoke, haze and other factors which reduce the visibility. The technology is of course simple but no one perhaps had thought of it earlier.

Mr. Steele is willing to provide the knowledge and technology to anyone who is willing and is eve in the process of getting the technology patented. If the technology can be used in an economical manner, and thus would allow greater safety and control for the pilot. If you have a prop plane, you might want to use it as well.

Via: Gizmag

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