Dita Wallet Collection for Men with Panache

The first things that can be noticed about a man are the shoes that he is wearing. If the shoes that he wears are of bad quality or not kept clean, a lot can be said about the guy. However, many people also fail to lay importance to the kind of wallet a man carries. The better a man’s wallet, the more respect he commands.

Moreover, wallets are the first things to be noticed when the man decides to pay for his love. Thus you would need to buy the most exquisite of the wallets ever. The Dita Wallet Collection look awesome and are just right if you are looking for class, chicness and style.

They are hand washed and hand oiled and are also hand stitched. They are available in a variety of colours and it includes a card case, billfold and of course both come with pewter chain grommets. The wallets cost around $150 to $275.

Via: Acquire Mag

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