N2Wine: Globules that Serve and Dispense Great Wine

If you are a restaurateur, you would be interested to know more about N2Wine System which is a cool way to store and dispense wine so that it tastes good always. Apparently it is not always that every aged wine tastes good. The moment a wine reaches the age of six months, that’s where it tastes the best. This is what is being told by the makers of N2Wine.

Though I can’t really comment about it as I have always learned that wine always gets better with age, N2Wine maybe the best bet if you are looking for a great way to dispense wine sans bottles right from cellar. However, your guests may not like the idea of drinking from glasses that already had been filled with wine and miss out the romance that opening a bottle of wine brings.

The N2Wine comes with 19 large globules that can store loads of wine at a temperature which is just right and also protect it from oxygen. If you are planning to get it for your house, we are sorry. It is meant for restaurateurs and the like.

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