Extra Terrestrial Car for the Uber Rich

The Extra-Terrestrial Vehicle is a futuristic car built by Mike Vetter and his company The Car Factory which has been based in Florida. He could have come up with more creative names for both his company and the car I should say.

The ETV car has a Chevrolet Aveo within it and it certainly looks quite futuristic. There is no information about the ETV except that it costs $86,000. Now that is a lot of money for a car that just looks cool. I don’t think even cool SUVs cost so much. If you are crazy enough for all things science fiction, perhaps you should go get this car for yourself.

I would love to have a normal nice car instead of the Jalopy that I used to have a long, long time ago. It indeed would be nice to have something at least, and dreaming of a low specs hi tech futuristic car is quite foolish, if you ask me.


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