Nostalgic Barbie Suite for Chic Women

Barbie dolls have been the dream of every little girl until the satellite TV and other distractions spelled the death knell for the once glamorous girl. Nevertheless, like all things good and old, Barbie dolls are still the epitome of glamour, style and chic.

Recognizing this and women’s acknowledgement of their childhood friend Barbie, the owners of Palms Resort are adding a $4,000 a night Barbie Suite which has been launched to coincide the doll’s 50th birthday. The resort also has a sex themed Erotic suite and a Kingpin Suite for those who are totally into bowling. The resort will surely attract all those women who have grown up with the world’s most favourite doll.

What surprises most people is that even during the recession times people are lining up to spend on luxury products and services such as the Barbie Suite. However, Barbie Suite is not just about a luxury but about a glamour culture.




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  • i love barbies alot.i would also like to become a barbie.i have also a membership of :)

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