Fisk: Breakproof, Nose-Adjust Sun Glasses

These, are sun glasses with a marked difference. Not the mundane picks off the shelf, or off a flea market. The marked difference for a start, is that they do not look flashy. They are long lasting, durable, and cannot be broken easily though. Fisk, as they are named, do not be mistaken by that unlikely brand name.

The other important feature of these glasses, is that they have a Global Fit adjustable nose bridge. It means they can be adjusted to suit face types from across the world. There is soft low porosity silicon over structural nylon, adjustable to your nose if it is slightly different. It also has Ratchet Hinge, which is made of surgical stainless steel and built with a metal injection molding process to give it that unbreakable quality.

The hinge is integrated into the face frame in the front and screwed directly into the temple into the rear. But the Global Fit adjustable nose rest is what is attractive really. It has two stainless steel pins with unusual heads that are fixed into the frame. As the pins are turned, the angle of the bridge turns in or out for a fit-to-face feel. They have been designed by Jeff Sand.

Via: Yanko Design


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