Weramouse for Those Tired of Conventional Mice

If you were tired of the bulky mouse that sits like a dictator on your mouse pad without allowing you to even twitch your fingers, your predicament is understandable. The Weramouse is an amazing product that comes with buttons which are placed strategically so as to reduce hand movement.

It also comes with a trackball and you can use it anywhere around 25 feet to control your computer. They can work non stop for 24 hours after you recharge them for 90 minutes. It is one of the more innovative and cooler mice I have come across in life.

The WeraMouse costs $99 and is one of the best I have ever seen. I would strongly recommend this product as it seems to be one of the more sophisticated and ergonomic products we have ever seen.

Via: Oh Gizmo/techna Bob

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