Thomas Schezer is an Architect and Designer Par Excellence

Thomas Schezer is an awesome artist, designer and architecture and the multitude of designs he has created stand as a testimony to his awe inspiring talent and culture. He currently lives and works in Amsterdam. Having studied in Technical University of Vienna, and also at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, he currently works on his own designs.

Glühweinstand is a modern version of Austrian traditional tea stall where people drink ea and chill out during Christmas. It comes with a DJ Stand, a chill out area, tea maker and also an oven and lamp, all within the Glühweinstand, which is placed on a street for people to enjoy.


He has also designed the fryggebod, which makes use of an old Swedish law that allows people to stay outside the sight of houses and then move on after a day or two, similar to camping and trailers. The artist has designed several other projects which are equally interesting and I am sure you would want to visit his official website to check out more of his stuff.

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