Luxeed Polychromatic Keyboards Good Enough for Kids

Mac and Linux users did not have the option of using polychromatic keyboards until now. Here is a cool new Luxeed U5 Keynoard which is actually an improvement from the original Luxeed. You could prgram your keyboard to suit your mood and the keys will glisten with light and color.

There is a firmware updater utility and the bright colours may help you see in the dark. However, it is a tad too childish to be suing a keyboard like this and if you are chic and elite enough, you would perhaps not want to use them. Moreover, the keyboard may pull you down in front of people who are very style conscious.


This is a good product for your kid or that nephew who always wanted something cool for his birthday. So go ahead and get this at Thinkgeek! I am sure all the kids would love this keyboard.

Via: technaBob

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