Jonathan Smith Designs Stylish Displays for GPS Systems

Jonathan Smith, a Senior Industrial Designer and a former employee of AMD has recently designed attractive tabletop displays for Mio GPS Navigation devices. The displays allows the user to just pick it up and use the GPS system and as it comes with a suction cups, the user can pick up the GPS unit and the display comes along with it.

Designed for the various models of Mio’s products, I must say these are some of the most innovative and unique displays I have ever seen. The designer uses some of the most advanced techniques available at the moment and he uses them in a way that is measured and economical.

With this being the case, his superior design sense comes to his rescue when it comes to designing products. If one were to get a product like the table tops he designs, one must also acknowledge the talent Mr. Smith possesses. He would be a great asset to anyone that hires him!

Via: DesignExposed/Coroflot

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