ThreeStyle Door is World’s First 3-in-1 Door

If there was one thing that was wrong with the way we build houses, it had to be the way doors are designed. Usually, the doors are either to small for a tall person, or intimidatingly large for a child or a dwarf.

To make dwarves, children, giants and everyone else in between happy, here is the ThreeStyle. ThreeStyle by UK based design company Slam is being touted as world’s first 3-in-1 door. No matter which size you are, you can open the door which fits your size. However, I have a quibble to make. There isn’t a cat door. There should have been 4 doors to make all the kitties happy as well!

Nevertheless, I must say this is an interesting concept and my full support is there with all the designers associated with this creation. This would definitely make all the children, adolescents, adults, obese people, dwarves and giants happy and can live in one happy family.

Via: Cubeme

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