Growing Fat? Chuck These Tablets, Hit the Gym

Food and Drug Administration has revealed that Zhen de Shou and 68 other weight reduction supplements contain undeclared pharmaceuticals. Millions of people have been consuming these drugs in an attempt to reduce weight and look better. However, these drugs are so dangerous that many even contain the sickly appetite suppressant sibutramine.

It can increase blood pressure and put you under the risk of sudden death due to heart attacks. Another drug, Brazilian Diet Pills, turns into amphetamines when consumed. Think of all the teenaged children consuming these drugs as a way to appear cooler in front of peers!

They may end up with serious growth related and heart related diseases. These drugs are also known to cause sexual dysfunctions and impotency. FDA’s warning must be taken seriously. It is ok to be fat and workout at the gym to reduce weight. It is not ok to consume these drugs.

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