Human Regenerator: Futuristic Heal Cocoon

A cocoon. A space-ship like urn. Relaxer. Call it what you want, but its makers have named it, Human Regenerator. A thirty minute session in it is meant for holistic health in the soothing environs of your own home.

How does it work? It is a vertical cylinder when you enter its wavy entrance. Once someone activates the touch-screen, the invisible process of regeneration begins while the tube-like container moves to a horizontal position.

Its makers say the regeneration is so understated that one can hardly notice any chance, except for a slight ticklish feel in the extremities of your body organs. When the session is complete, the tube returns to its vertical position.

Each unit is priced 420,000 euros, is hand assembled, and exclusive.

As the design reflects, Germany’s University for Aerospace Technology in Bremen has manufactured it, only 50 units of which are being produced this year for sale. The machine is available at the Talsie Spa of Jumeirah Dubai’s iconic Burj al Arab for public use.

Immense scientific research and advanced technology have resulted in this device, using tenets such as the body’s ability to heal itself, advanced magnetic rays recharging body cells with positive energy, and theories of quantum physics.
Via: Luxury Insider, Human Regenerator

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