Neuma Hybrid Tattoo Machine: For Painless Tattoos

For most people, getting a tattoo is not the easiest thing. They look like beautiful creations to be observed from afar on another person’s body but not something you may opt for on your own body. The pain from a needle constantly ticking into your skin is what turns most people off tattoos.

The era of painful tattoos may soon be over. Carson Hill, who owns Neuma, already has the Neuma2 to his credit but he still wasn’t satisfied with the idea of using the traditional coil machines and has designed the Neuma Hybrid tattoo machine. The device which comes from a collaboration between Neuma and RKS Design is the first air powered tattoo machine. The device heralds the era of less painful tattoos and also promises a decreased healing time after getting one. Weighing one third of the typical tattoo machine, the Neuma Hybrid uses lesser air consumption and has an ameliorated pneumatic designing for providing more powerful performances.

The Neuma Hybrid can be used as an electric device as well and has an optimised cycle timing reducing the drag on skin during tattooing. The device is fully autoclavable in both modes and would result in the ultimate tattooing experience.

Via: TuVie

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