A Futuristic Kitchen Design That BLows Your Mind

We all love the futuristic design and the reason perhaps is that there is something very appealing about them as it transports us to a different epoch. Here is an interesting and futuristic kitchen design called the Flex 1 and it has been designed by Strato. It looks simple and comes with a cabinet, drawer, and even appliances to hold.

It is very minimalist and futuristic which makes you want to buy it right away. It is not all about looks and the design is very functional as well. It recognizes the void spaces and makes sure no space is left unused so that there would be optimum utilization of space in your kitchen.


Kitchen is the place where you would spend doing the most boring stuff of everything and it at least needs to look good. Doesn’t it? It comes with space for refrigerators, and also microwave ovens and hence, you would not have to worry about any thing!

Via: Dornob

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