Casio Unveils Weather Station Inspired Wristwatch

Watches always have been people’s favourite accessories and that is perhaps why we see so many designs. Most watches that we see are either too technical or just beautiful to look at. Casio has always kept a balance between the two and has released a new wristwatch called the PRX-2000T. This watch also has certain other features like informing the user what the temperature is. In fact, it acts as a streamlined weather station.

It weighs 105 grams, which could be quite heavy for a slender wrist. You can keep track of altitude, temperature, compass direction, air pressure and other such meteorological statistics. The watch will be available in Japan from April 1st and will cost about $1,000.

The watch would later be released all over the world. This certainly is a great watch which I would buy without hesitating, had I the money. However, I am quite broke to spend $1,000 on a watch. Ah, temptations, is there a remedy for that?

Via: UberGizmo

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