A Fully Customized Bike With an Interesting Design

GSX-R 1100 show bikes are always one of the most exclusive bikes you can ever lay your filthy hands on. If you have a load of cash in your bank, you might as well customize it fully and get it all done up with carbon fiber. The bike was designed by Justin and it comes with an awesome 989 oil-cooled 1200cc GSX-R 1100 engine. It also has the much needed Wiseco kit. Linq designs have lent their expertise to design the LED accent lights, custom body works, reservoirs, levers and other such stuff.

If you were wondering how exclusive it really is, it even got featured on Kayne’s latest video. I would say this bike looks la little rustic but then since it is customizable, you could get it to look like you want it to. The bike has been quoted to cost $14,500 and is up for grabs. If you would like to bid, it is open for bidding too.

If you are into carbon fiber stuff, you would treasure this bike like your own soul mate. It really would be fun to ride this bike on a highway with no one in sight. You would have the self satisfaction of riding one of the best bikes too!

Via: CarbonFiberGear

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