Pottery Barn Steamer Trunk for Those Who Love the Sea

If luxury has always been your hallmark and if there was no choice but to buy something expensive, you can try the Pottery Barn steamer trunk. It comes updated with brushed stainless steel and is had wrapped in solid wooden frame. The awesome oak slats are hammered with brass nails to give a rusty sailor look. It also comes with the tell tale corner brackets and edge braces which would remind anybody of the seamen and their adventures in the sea.

At about $1,600 it is very expensive and chic but certainly worth every penny you spend. Imagine having a trunk like this wand you could weave tales to your grandchildren when you get old. Well, the thought of growing old makes anyone sick but hey, it is nice to look chic even when you get old.

You could make up stories about what an adventurous life you had at the sea and how cool it would be to sail again. Only, make sure you are not taking your story too far. By the way, if you are too young and you don’t want to think about growing old, you can show this trunk to your friends too, and it still looks classic!

Via: AcquireMag

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