Microsoft SMART Table: For Smart Teachers, Gifted Kids

It’s in cool blue, has an attractive global map on its surface, and is `smart’. Microsoft’s latest on the education technology front is meant for children, a few steps ahead of merely equipping classrooms with personal computers. SMART Table, is Microsoft Surface-esque multi-touch table designed for children. It has just come out in the markets and on its way to classrooms.

How does it work? Teachers can customize activities and lessons, according to what they intend to teach, by using the SMART Table Toolkit on their PC or Mac. They can save new tasks on to a USB, plug into the SMART Table and coordinate with students.

Novel? Never heard of it before? While technology has streamed into classrooms in a myriad ways till now, SMART Table could redefine teaching methods, for a start. Teachers can download free applications and activities from SMART Tech’s education website, based on their subject of study. If schools are willing to spend the kind of price that it entails – a neat $ 8,000 or if as parents you want to go that extra mile in making your kids tech savvy, this could quite be the buy you must make.

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Microsoft Smart Table

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  • I represent SMART Technologies. Your headline implies that the SMART Table is a Microsoft product. This is incorrect.
    The SMART Table was created by SMART Technologies and is the only surface display designed specifically for Pre-K to Grade 3.
    Thank you.

  • you’ve made a mistake – it isn’t the Microsoft Smart Table, it’s SMART’s Table – as in SMART Technologies. Please make the correction.

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