Bracelet Phone Sends Messages on your behalf

Partying comes with its inconveniences such a phones going missing and not being able to type while dancing and the like. However, it may also be important to send messages without sounding rude and you never know who messaged until you decide to stop dancing and type. Nokia Strapup is a unique phone that can be strapped around your wrist like a watch and it is almost as luxurious to look at as a bracelet is.

The best part is, the watch sends pre defined messages based on the movement you are making. You just need to dance and your friends will know what you are up to, and you wouldn’t have stopped to send a message even for a minute. However, Nokia does not seem to be planning to launch this Bracelet-Phone in the near future.

That leaves me with a question. If the company does not want to release a product, why announce it soon, as other companies will bring out something similar? Maybe these companies look for some publicity while trying to showcase their futuristic products that shall never be released. Well, let us just hope this one gets released.

Via: BusinessWeek/ConceptPhones

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