Star Trek Inspired Captain’s Chair

Star Trek fans never had it so good. The Star Trek Captain’s Chair is a luxurious replica of the chair the Captain used to wear in the favourite sci-fi series. It comes with a swivel design, controls for light ups, and even sound effects that mimic Star Trek. It has been manufactured with the most expert measurements and most durable materials as well.

All you would need to do is sit on it and ruminate on the good old cherished memories of watching Star Trek as a kid. The Star Trek Captain’s Chair costs $2,717. Unfortunately this product is available only in mainland U.S.A and is not available in Europe or elsewhere.

In my opinion, all sci-fi fans must own this chair as it comes with amazing sound effects that shall keep you enthralled. In any case, Star Trek is quite retro now and that itself makes it an object worth buying and being considered as a luxury product.

Via: LikeCool/SkyMall

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