Professional Watch: Some sarcasm and plenty of style!

For someone who loves both design and sarcasm (Or maybe a very cruel kind of humor, at times), this little watch is the best piece of design we have seen in sometime. The “Cycle Life” watch designed by Andy Kurovets is one of the best designs that plays off of lives of so many out there whose lives are centered around work and wholly lost in money making by rushing to their PC each day. This goes for people with various jobs, yet one boring box in front of them all day.

The “Cycle Life” watch has four phases in the day apart from “Wake Up” and Go to Sleep time and all it does is simple tell you how boring your life is. The day is divided into the car phase, then the PC phase, the car again and TV. That will hold good for most people, if not all and on most days, if not all. We still really love the look of this concept creation though and honestly there are so many out there who only need the zones and not the time!

Via: yankodesign

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