Bentley Laptop: Live up your love for Bentley at $20K

No, it is not a print mistake by any stretch of imagination and if you have ever seen a Bentley car and own one then this will not really seem like much for a little Bentley styled notebook even by a long shot. The new Bentley Laptop by Ego Lifestyle is indeed all about satisfying your own ego for bling with a Notebook that perfectly matches the black and dark Bentley design with each inch crafted in tune with the car. The Notebook is covered with top notch leather on the exterior, some real quality components and shiny chrome to add that extra bling.

One the inside it sports a an unnamed AMD 64 chipset, 2GB of RAM and a 160GB hard drive with a 12.1? display for your viewing pleasure. It really looks more like a modern Bentley wheel than a actually a high-tech Notebook and while it may not really outperform many of the more performance oriented laptops, it really adds style to your persona the next time you walk into a board meeting stepping out of the Bentley and carrying this matching piece. Simply superb for any Motorhead!

Via: Gearcave / plunderguide

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