Blade: An Ultra-Modern Radiator adds Metallic Design to your Heating Needs!

Getting a radiator for your shower and then getting it fixed up can be quite a pain in the neck. It can also make your bathroom look a lot less fashionable, especially with the more traditional designs looking like cumbersome lumps with hanging wires. But all that is about to change with the sleek, simple and seductive looking ‘Blade’. Designed to fit perfectly into that ‘futuristic’ looking bathroom, Blade is all class with its metallic look that is shaped to blend in perfectly with the modern theme.

Designed by Peter Rankin, the steel bathroom radiator masks all major piping and controls with is ‘Surfboard’ like design that is crafted from metal. Blade also can keep your towel warm with a special hanger for the towel. Blade though is not all about the looks and the style. It can effectively save energy and hence is both eco-friendly and will reduce your power bills. Irrespective of whether you care for cash or not, you still have to care for the planet!

Blade is all yours for $ 1,335 and that seems like a very small price to pay for both the warmth and the ergonomic delight that this cool looking radiator provides.

Via: Interiordesign / Lavprisvvs

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