Vintage Wheels: 007 + Wrecked Aston Martin DBS = $350,000!

It seems that Her Majesty’s best secret agent and a wrecked piece of Aston Martin DBS can still beat the price tag of many cars in the world today with ease. You can understand when someone wants to buy an Aston Martin that was used in a James Bond flick and then was in put up for action when still in considerably good shape. You can even understand someone buying a piece of wreckage of Titanic by shelling out a whole lot. But to buy a completely wrecked Aston Martin that was used in the most recent 007 flick starring Daniel Craig just shows the incredible brand value that Bond… James Bond carries with him!

A brand new Aston Martin DBS would cost you $ 223,000 and MGM thought that they lost all that money to Italian waters as their technician plunged along with the car into Lake Garda in Italy. The technician escaped with minor injuries, but the car ended up being a complete wreck. Yet, this is still an Aston Martin and it was driven by Bond himself. So MGM decided to cut the losses and when Craig himself auctioned the car away, it fetched them good $ 350,000. Yes, they not only cut losses, but made a profit out of it!

The moral of the story is simple kids. Every time you crash a car, just call up Bond and ask him to auction it off as his own. You can then split the spoils with him. There you go, what we just gave you is a priceless idea. Moreover, when he retires, Bond can get the job of an excellent used cars salesman… he seems pretty good at that!


Via: Autounleashed

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