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World’s Fastest Turboprop Private Aircraft: Ferrari-Branded Avanti II

I was illiterate about the fact that Piaggio Aereo Company, an established name in the manufacturing of the Avanti II, is essentially possessed in part by the Ferrari people (family)? The pilots of Ferrari’s

Montblanc Prince Rainier III Limited Edition Pen

After Namikis 18-karat gold nib pen, featured above is Montblanc pen that was exhibited lately in Monaco at a VIP charity gala to pay tribute to Prince Rainier III of Monaco. The event was

Christie’s Jewelry Sale

Earring A model from Christie’s in Geneva displays a pair of earrings from Gerard consisting of a 52.72 carat sapphire and 49.84 carat diamonds, November 6, 2007. The earrings will auctioned on November 15

Largest D-color flawless diamond Sold for £7.8 mn

While last month, there was lot of commotion on the sale of the world’s largest brilliant-cut D-color flawless diamond that was set for ‘Magnificent Jewels’ auction at Sotheby’s in Geneva. And today the big

Elite Estate: Thunderbird Heights

When the talk about luxury home is on, usage of words like acres of land, gym, elevator, massage room and other are obvious. Today I have a California based beautiful home located in Ranch

Adolf Hitler’s Globe Fetched $100,000

Early last month, we have talked about Hitler’s globe to be auctioned and today it is also in news but after inking pricey deal. The globe has been auctioned for $100,000 (€68,460). Whilst the

Elite Handbag: Metallic Python Handbag

Unlike Metallic Python Doctor Bag, featured above is a designer creation by a dermatologist-turned-designer Mauro Orietti-Carella who keeps on experimenting. But this one is the result of quite unusual experiment as he injected the

Europe’s Longest Champagne Bar

After reading this on your next visit to London you cannot afford to miss to drop to the St Pancras International train station. Not for boarding but for a glass of champagne. It now

Big Sales of Bacon Paintings Set Sotheby’s Record, Fetched $315.9 mn

For the past couple of months I have been alarming you for the scheduled auctions of paintings, art, statue and others. But now the day has come when the international auction houses viz. Sotheby’s

Bath With Luxurite Wireless 17″ Waterproof TV

You must have felt the level of relaxation while your stay in a spa-tub, sauna or in an haute pool. It’s Inexpressible! But yet we do welcome new entrants to feel the higher comforts
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