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World’s Largest Moose To Cost $6.5 mn; Invites Adventurous Soul

Representatives based in northern Sweden have given the green signal for the construction of the world’s largest elk (moose) as the animal is known in North America. Hovering on pinnacle of a peak, the

Bejeweled USB Keys by Swiss Memory Prestige

Victorinox Swiss Army house unveils its unique offering of the memory stick series touted as Swiss Memory Prestige series. The series is one such that every rich-geek would like to flaunt. Meeting all your

Ink Deal With Ewok-Style Tree Houses

Whilst ministers from India and US are facing the addiction of global warming (never-ending discussion), the Canadian residents would have the benediction to enjoy their luxurious stay in the eco-friendly houses positioned right in

Twendy-One: A Humanoid Robot or Housework Robot?

The very mention of Japan alarms us that the talk about their new invention is about to begin. And yah, I am right! This time it’s a unique humanoid robot that is produced to

Feast For Russian Billionaires @ Moscow Millionaire Fair 2007

Pay all your eyes and ears here if you happen to miss the live telecast of Moscow Millionaire Fair. Folks at Moscow Times have invested good time in capturing the heart and power of

World’s Most Expensive Sari Costs Rs40 lakh, To Enter Guinness Record

What ingredients can make sari most-expensive? Fabric, Jewels, Designer brand, or the heritage carried by it. Anything else? Kindly add paintings to your limited options. It has been made possible as a silk sari

Meet Mr Scissorhands

Wang Zedong, 41, a China-based barber has set a world record by chopping customer’s hair with 10 pairs of scissors concurrently. The barber from Jiujiang city, Jiangxi province took the opportunity to flaunt the

$750 Pillow

Read before uttering a word or burdening your brain. A company called Scandia Down has designed $750 pillow called the Contessa Down Pillow-Side Sleeper. The very display of sale leaves you with no doubt

Crystal-Encrusted Toaster

Aren’t you tired of gifting diamond studded accessories and coming across same old themed crystallized gadgets? Tired, as these cannot be used on daily basis due to $$$$$$$ tag attached to it. Its usability

Sony Unveils Christmas Edition Rolly: Dancing Queen

Two months back, the buzz was about Sony’s Rolly, a device that operates like a MP3 player and shakes to the beat on its two wheels. Tough it hasn’t reached the North American market,
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