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Pricey Reach to your distant Relatives at Economical Rates

Who won’t like to maintain cordial relations with distant relatives at local call rates? But the possibility now and then gets under the hammer as one hardly gets to listen about lowest call charges

Swarovski Caked LG Refrigerator

Gadgets have been getting an affluent behavior as they come soaked in gold or dipped in diamond tub. But breaking the monotony, even the daily kitchen accessories are eyeing the way to glory. Lately,

Archeo Copper Bathtub, Bath Set & Handshower Dipped in Luxury

If you are eyeing luxurious bath then you must be looking for most expensive Bathtub produced ever. The Archeo Copper Bathtub along with the bath set and hand shower from Kallista is a complete

World’s Most Expensive Omelet: $100

Right on the heels of my previous posts on world’s most expensive thingy products, here is a new entrant ready to entice all foodies. World’s most expensive Omelet, yes! You heard it right Omelet!

John Rigas’s `Taj Mahal’ sold for $3.4 mn, One-Tenth of Asked Price

Miles away from India’s heritage monument Taj Mahal that has made to world’s seven wonders list, a namesake is being sold in a small Pennsylvania city and to the unfortunate seller could generate only

Elite Fashion Blog Bazaar

So Frugalicious has a fabulous idea – green as the new black! Become green with envy at all their frugal fashion finds. Uncover the big, bold and beautiful creations from jewelry designer Ninaki Priddy

JK Rowling’s ‘The Tales Of Beedle The Bard’ To Be Auctioned

Update: ‘The Tales Of Beedle The Bard’ Fetched $3.98 mn on 13 December. J.K. Rowling plans to bid farewell to Harry Potter with a handwritten set of fairytales stated in her last wizard chronicle

Ultra-Modernist Kaufmann House Up For Auction

If you have a desire to own a historical house then only read further otherwise feel free to skip. Distinguished Richard Neutra’s Kaufmann House located in Palm Springs would be one of the highlighting

$1.2 million Outfits Woven with Gold Coins

Presence of the expensive jewel-studded coins available in the market is common but usage of gold-coins as a fabric of a dress celebrates the non-commonality. At recently held fashion show at the Bunka Fashion

Most Expensive Green House, Soon In Palm Beach

Touted as the world’s most expensive “green” estate, which is under construction in Palm Beach, Florida, is being eagerly awaited. The proud owner of the property is none other than real estate mogul Frank
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