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Botero Sculpture Sold For $1.6 mn

Another Sculpture, Another Record! Featured above is a white sculpture white (seems as if engulfed with a layer of snow) portraying a voluptuous nude creature holding a cigarette with elegance that lately fetched $1.6

World’s Biggest Motorcycle from Greg Dunham

Bikers who come across Greg Dunham’s motorcycle think for a moment that they are facing some giant. It’s only after minutes that they realize it’s a motorcycle and sooner they are updated that it’s

‘Lost’ Turner Bamborough Castle Eyes Sotheby’s

Gone are the summer auctions. Now auction houses and proud owners of antique masterpieces are busy populating auction shelves with their valuables, thus generating big bucks out of it. One of the auction products

Kitty Fisher Portrait Owned By Bowood May Fetch £3m

A fragmentary sketch owned by the Bowood Estate is expected to fetch up to £3m at an auction scheduled on 22 November in London. The plot of the oil painting produced in the 1760s

Queen Elizabeth I Portrait May Fetch $2mn at Sotheby’s

Portrait of celebrated movie star Queen Elizabeth I has been anticipated to fetch 1 million pounds ($2 million) at a Sotheby’s auction house in London on 22 November. Antwerp artist Steven van der Meulen

Hello Kitty Gold Coin Bank Wish You Luck

Hello Kitty seems to play with gold as every time it is coming out with another gold creation. Earlier, you were amazed to see Hello Kitty gold-plated notebook, Hello-Kitty doll and also Hello-Kitty playing

Bath With Portable Waterproof TV

Days back I gave you the opportunity to bath with TV (Waterproof TV not portable) within four boundaries of your bathroom. But today, let me be more generous as now you can enjoy watching

$500,000 Cartier Necklace

If you are on your hunt to buy something exclusive for your lady then pay some dignity by not getting settled for anything less than a royal diamond necklace, by Cartier. Designed in a

$455 USB Christmas Cake

And here comes the big day but what have arrangements my geek friends have done. Don’t give me the excuse of being neck-deep in work or eyeing 200 million yen Santa Claus. If the

Bath in Wine With Exotic Wine Rack

The tight routine doesn’t allow us to invite guests and if they happen to fall to our place without being invited then we end up being in bad soup. As during that hour we
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