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1 GB Transcend 710 Digital Photo Frame

The worth-rewarding Transcend 7-inch 710 digital photo frame now comes embedded with a full 1GB of internal memory. Holding 1 GB internal memory provides its users with more possible options in terms of

Portable Inflatable Multimedia Massage Chair: Astone Sit N Joy

After a stressful day, a glass of champagne can offer you peace at mind but not bodily ease. Respecting the same, Astone Sit N Joy portable inflatable multimedia massage chair has been designed to

Vida: World’s Largest Jigsaw Puzzle With 24,000 Pieces

No matter how early we grow mature, we can still admire our good-old days by touching space with our childhood puzzles that remain ever young. Keeping the desire in mind, world’s largest jigsaw puzzle

VRX MACH 4: World’s First Quad Screen Race Simulator

VRX Industries Ltd has unveiled world’s first quad screen race simulator by launching their VRX MACH 4. This elite entertainment product is a perfect combination of cutting edge technology that complements its spartanly dazzling

World’s Largest Wine Bottle

A man glares at the 490 liter Grande Cuvee TBA NV No.7 2005 of Austrian wine maker Kracher during its presentation in the small Swiss town of Rehetobel, some 40 km (26 miles) from

Stanley Ho bangs Damien Hirst with $330,000 White Truffle at Charity Auction

The long anticipated wait for the sale of Italian white truffle came to an end lately when Macau billionaire Stanley Ho made the highest bid of record $330,000 for a white truffle at a

Elite Handbag: Valentino Patent Histoire Bag

Influenced by ‘S’ factor; this smart, spacious and striking creation eyes a proud owner to justify its holding. Made up of gold patent leather, gold-tone base with black topstitching, this bag creates a different

Elite Fashion Blog Bazaar

Designer Tips hearts the Burberry Heather Tote and so do we. Lifestyle Buzz extols the virtues of celebrity fave Alterna Ten Shampoo. Find out which ‘cruise’ handbags rate the best at What’s Haute. Designer

Elite Estate: $180 mn Belgravia House, Britain’s Most-Expensive

Overshadowing the earlier record set by astounding £70 million ($140 million) Updown Court; here is a £90 million ($180 million) home all set to be sold in the vicinity of the Britain’s elite site

Trappist Monks Available At Beer Phones, Resellers of Prized Beer

The Trappist Monks based at St. Sixtus monastery, respecting their responsibility stay away from treasures, sex and red meat. Also, they utter a word when it becomes impossible. But you can touch space with
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