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Elite Estate: $180 mn Belgravia House, Britain’s Most-Expensive

Overshadowing the earlier record set by astounding £70 million ($140 million) Updown Court; here is a £90 million ($180 million) home all set to be sold in the vicinity of the Britain’s elite site

Trappist Monks Available At Beer Phones, Resellers of Prized Beer

The Trappist Monks based at St. Sixtus monastery, respecting their responsibility stay away from treasures, sex and red meat. Also, they utter a word when it becomes impossible. But you can touch space with

Biking On Bicycle Outfitted With Amplifiers

Call it weird, extraordinary, crazy but it is productive and now inviting! It is some one’s hobby to churn bicycles into systematic outdoor sound systems that is offering a new range of automobile to

Steve Quick Unveils Gold and Diamond Christmas Tree

Jeweler Steve Quick is the latest company to create a diamond Christmas tree. The tree is packed with five pounds of solid 18K gold and a coating of 200 carats of diamonds that offers

Elite Celebration: 84-foot Shelton tree Lights Up Rockefeller Center

A Shelton-based couple was amazed to witness the 84-foot Norway spruce that got nurtured in their Soundview Avenue yard for years and lately turned into a center of attention at the annual Rockefeller Center

Phoebe: An Electric Radiator Artwork

Italy-based designer Michele Menescardi stood among the top-six out of the 3241 artistic creation from 88 countries. Called as “Phoebe,” it was identified as a heart-winning design, in a design competition co-organized by Design

40 Pairs of Aviator Glares Form Celebrity Lamp

The Paparazzo’s won’t lend their flashes for this pop idol! Iconic and innovative, enthused by the celebrities who seldom spurn their sunglasses in public, the Celebrity lamp has made an ultra-modern use of aviator

City Made From Cookies Eyes Guinness World Record

Is there a count on number of ways you can celebrate Christmas? Or let me put it like this way can one restrict person’s imagination? Answer remains NO! Fun is when you get credit

Underwater Lodge, Living Inside Aquarium!

Picture this: Last night you party hard and got dolled with champagne to an extent that your conscious is not aware who dropped you home. But you woke up and peep from the window

Stephen Webster’s £500,000 Dog Collar, Courtesy Harrods

If you have spare moolahs’ attracting dust in your bank account then it’s time to invest them by honoring your beloved pet. For this you ought to be billionaire and need not think twice
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