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269-foot Ocean Breeze Yacht Eyes a Proud Owner

In the beginning of this month, Superyacht Times unearthed that Saudi Arabian Royal Yacht Al Yamamah would be identified as Ocean Breeze followed by a rumor that she have been presented as a souvenir

Live Opulently on Fisher Island

If you are looking for some dwelling in the vicinity of U.S, then the Fisher Land could be your prospective option. This manmade island is been raised at just three miles of shore off

Chair Reflects Mood-Swings

This unique chair was designed keeping in mind the unpredictable nature of human beings. While there are times when we would love to be in the company of our loved ones, share some precious

$100 Santa Bathed in Peter Paul Chocolates

Whilst days back we bought Ginza’s Tanaka’s creation of $18, 17,355 Santa Claus dipped in Gold on to the board inviting filthy-rich, today there comes another avatar of Santa attracting all foodies. Featured above

MultiGame Tabletop Arcade Machine

The functionality of this MultiGame Tabletop Arcade Machine cannot be restricted to PC offering freedom to play old games via MAME emulation. But it goes beyond it by serving as a retro feast that

$39,000 PhantomPark: Parking Beneath Garage

Garage on wheels can offer dwelling to 8 wheels! Yah, pinch yourself as this two-deck vehicle identified as the PhantomPark Car Lift Garage System can offer parking to your two giant and pricey automobiles.

Mole Man Dug 200-sq ft Underground Home

Cops reveal that a destitute contractor Bruce Tracy identified as the “mole man” dug a multi-room 200-square foot home in the vicinity of Roeding Park in Fresno. The home features a bed, a water-proof

$2mn X-Ray Scanner Mirrors Your Bones, Blood Vessels

Now surgeons are too tired-up with the use of 64-slice X-Ray scanner. They demand an updated tool, a revised version that delivers transparency in their proceedings’. Considering this Philips has lately exposed their 256-slice

Computer cum Piano = Compiano

Long hours of sitting on system cannot be avoided; excuse is ‘My job is demanding’. Breaking the monotony, one ends up playing songs after downloading them from gamut of online sources available. But Piano

Record Breaking Playing Cards Skyscraper

Literally speaking a Guinness World Record holder Bryan Berg (33) invests hours of his time in designing structures made up of playing cards and not bricks or mortar. Having set a record by topping
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