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Wuthering Heights First Edition Sold For $228,000

In an ongoing auction season, we have come across gamut of paintings, artwork, and sculptures being sold. Amongst others one cannot afford to sideline their USP which shares a great amount of commonality. Most

World’s Most Expensive Mango

They say Korea is an expensive place but I don’t go by prejudices and happen to form my own perception by taking the first-hand experience. But this time I couldn’t have time and wealth

$38 mn Tiger Woods Turned To Ashes For Another Grand Home

Creation or Destruction of affluent houses makes them dominate the headlines. Exemplifying the same is the $38 million Tiger Woods Home that was constructed in 2005 on Jupiter Island in Florida. But today Tiger’s

Affluent Adventure: Most Expensive Quad Bike

For Adventurous soul! Yah if you dare to live life by dealing with challenges or rather find happiness by facing them, then here is your dream-Bike but with a saucy price. Now you can

Virgin Queen Portrait Sold For $5.4 mn; Two-Fold of Anticipated Price—An Update

And here comes another $5.4mn tag to the generation of sales made by Sotheby. But more than that the news is the portrait of Queen Elizabeth I that was anticipated to be sold for

For Wine Lovers: 1891 Livadia Red Port Wine to be Auctioned

Featured above is a bottle of 1891 Livadia Red Port Wine, imprinted with the Tsar Nicholas II seal.Lavinia Brown,wine specialist of the auction house unpacks it from the case to offer you a wider

White and Pink Diamond-Studded Platinum Golf Ball

Featured above is platinum-studded golf ball and putter, made by Japanese jeweler Nagahori. This is unquestionably for those who have money to burn and passion to play golf. The 500g Platinum 900 golf putter

Botero Sculpture Sold For $1.6 mn

Another Sculpture, Another Record! Featured above is a white sculpture white (seems as if engulfed with a layer of snow) portraying a voluptuous nude creature holding a cigarette with elegance that lately fetched $1.6

World’s Biggest Motorcycle from Greg Dunham

Bikers who come across Greg Dunham’s motorcycle think for a moment that they are facing some giant. It’s only after minutes that they realize it’s a motorcycle and sooner they are updated that it’s

‘Lost’ Turner Bamborough Castle Eyes Sotheby’s

Gone are the summer auctions. Now auction houses and proud owners of antique masterpieces are busy populating auction shelves with their valuables, thus generating big bucks out of it. One of the auction products
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