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$2mn X-Ray Scanner Mirrors Your Bones, Blood Vessels

Now surgeons are too tired-up with the use of 64-slice X-Ray scanner. They demand an updated tool, a revised version that delivers transparency in their proceedings’. Considering this Philips has lately exposed their 256-slice

Computer cum Piano = Compiano

Long hours of sitting on system cannot be avoided; excuse is ‘My job is demanding’. Breaking the monotony, one ends up playing songs after downloading them from gamut of online sources available. But Piano

Record Breaking Playing Cards Skyscraper

Literally speaking a Guinness World Record holder Bryan Berg (33) invests hours of his time in designing structures made up of playing cards and not bricks or mortar. Having set a record by topping

Napoleon Wife’s Hunter Case Watch Fetched $1.3 mn

The much-in-news fine, exceptional and antique 18K gold, enamel and diamond-set hunter case ‘petite souscription Ă tact’ watch that was owned by Empress Josephine, wife of French ruler Napoleon Bonaparte lately got sold for

Bonhams’ Jewelry and Jadeite Auction

The Bonhams’ foundational auction of Fine Western and Jadeite Jewellery scheduled for 28 November would feature around 150 lots of striking jewelry that is estimated to fetch over HK$30 million in Hong Kong. Some

World’s Oldest Valentine Card is World’s Most Expensive One

I was wrong. The history of Valentine day is not years old but years-over-years old. I came across this 1790 valentine card; seemingly oldest that happens to be the world’s most expensive valentine card

Motor Home: 2008 Holiday Rambler Scepter Costs $282,000

With a unique appeal of its own, the 2008 Holiday Rambler Scepter Class A Motor home is a perfect combination of beauty and erudition. Radiating an astute outer walls and impressive internal color options,

World’s Most Expensive Lipstick: $62,000 KissKiss

Simple yet mysterious! This is the power of the pricey lipstick featured above. No, it doesn’t force you to oblige your lips and get the feel but rather its appeal says it all. It

Christie’s To Set Record-Sales At Autumn Art Auction

Here comes autumn and auction houses are bombarded with an array of old-aged, contemporary artwork that is eternal in nature. A hoard of Asian art, Chinese jade and porcelain is set to go under

$1.5 mn Macedonian Gold Wreath Attracts Greek Populace

Lately NYT reported that Marion True went under investigation last week for holding 29 couched antiquities in her Greek island in Athens. The news revolves around the acquirement of an antique gold funerary wreath
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