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£1,500 Electrified Victorian Doll’s House for Sale

Deborah Bowden, 51, a diminutive house collector was being jammed at home when she was enforced to bring one of them into the market. Breaking the monotony, she followed an unusual way of putting

Gibson Robotic Guitar

True, Gibson cannot be tagged as the first company to fabricate a robotic guitar tuning system, but their recent offering of “Robot Guitar” comes with a distinct sexy blue sunburst casing that certainly is

$50,000 Bitch: Shirley Models For Petite Armande Fragrance

I wish god would have made me either as cute as Shirley, the dog or as renowned as Lyn Harris. Either way I would have generated big mullahs either by modeling for it or

Goldstriker Unveils 24ct Gold Bang & Olufsen BeoCom 4 Phone

UK-based Goldstriker is geared up to revise the history by unveiling another Bang & Olufsen product. The one in news is 24ct Gold Bang & Olufsen BeoCom 4 Phone that has earned the prejudice

World’s Most Expensive Bike: Ecosse Heretic Titanium

If you have enough bank balance attracting dust then it’s time to get it cleaned by picking Ecosse Heretic Titanium. Don’t mistake by identifying it as another precious stone but rather it has earned

World’s Most Expensive Small Camera: 35mm Rare Leica

We have been noticing that the antique items are generating more sales than the contemporary ones. This has been lately proved by a rare 84-year-old small camera ‘The Leica No. 107’ that fetched $551,151

Red Diamond Ring Fetched $2.6 mn

Whilst two-days back, I introduced you to the red diamond ring reaching the Christie’s auction and today the ring has set a new record by selling off this dazzling ring festooned with a unique

Elite Handbag: Gucci Pop Bamboo Large Top Handle Tote

On my hunt for latest arrivals of handbags, this immaculate beauty invited my curiosity and I couldn’t stop myself gathering more details about this tote. Voluminous as 18 x 12 x 5.5, this Pop

World’s Most Expensive Mobile Phone – $1.3 million

An alarm for all the uber-rich who can’t accept the delay in possession of any latest entrant into the market and wish to burn some money with the buzz of any elite product. Yes,

Superfast Rip Saw UGV Tank Can Be Yours for $200,000

Seemingly ordinary tank, the Rip Saw UVG tank is an exceptional tank designed in 2005 by Howe brothers for DARPA Grand Challenge. This exceptional tank can move from 0-60 in just 3.5-seconds and run
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